System Restore? Realtec sound device?



My husband did something to the sound card or the program that creates sound
on my computer. The computer thinks it no longer has a sound device. I wanted
to restore to the point before he did this but it was a few months ago. When
i try to do a system restore to that date it wont let me go back that far. I
am not sure how to do this? Is there a way to restore windows to the orignal?
I bought the computer with windows vista on it so i do not have a backup disk
for windows it jsut came with it, but is there a way i can still re-install
it. Will that solve my problem? Is there another way to restore the Realtec
Sound Device?


By accident i deleted my sound from my computer and some how i cannot
retrieve my sound back show me a way to get my sound back

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