Error loading cmicnfg.cpi sound driver



Sound stopped after loading the Microsoft website download C-Media WDM Audio
Driver. I have XP Pro and Realtek ALC650 Audio for MSI K7N2-L Motherboard on
self built computer. I failed to repair after trying this:
1.cannot restore system to earlier date (no change after going back a day.)
2.Cannot restore driver in device manager to earlier drive (no past drivers.)
3.Cannot restore after Google search following postings that cleaned system
using regedit, removed cmirndrv.exe, etc. Removed C-Media in device manager
and immediately installed Realtec APA397 which was downloaded from Realtec
website. No sound on reboot and then the C-Media driver reinstalled itself.
4.Can’t find Microsoft instructions or other software that repairs bad sound
5.C-Media download acts like a virus that is hard (or impossible) to
What sound driver repair or restore method will work? (e-mail address removed).
Please reply to (e-mail address removed)

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