System Recovery Options Not Available



I have an OEM installation of Vista Ultimate (x32) on a new pc. I am unable
to run System Recovery Options either from the Vista DVD or from the WinRE
partition using the Advanced Boot Menu. The support personnel at my OEM
advice that re-installing Vista is my only option to enable Sytsem Recovery
Options. Does anyone have any less drastic alternatives?

To confirm my situation:-
* on booting from the Vista DVD I get the 'language, time and keyboard'
screen, then the 'Install Now' screen but this does not include "Repair Your
Computer" at the bottom left.

* If I hit F8 during boot I get to the Advanced Boot Menu. This has 11
options starting with Safe Mode but it does not have "Repair Your Computer"
as the first option.

I am having problems with an intermitent boot and shutdown problem and so I
would like to try Startup Repair.

Andy Sweet [MSFT]

Are you sure you are actually *rebooting* using the Windows Installation DVD
(i.e insert the dvd, shutdown/restart the PC, boot from DVD) rather than
just inserting the DVD and opening it from within Vista?



Incidentally, by 'x32' I meant the 32bit version as opposed to 64.
Apologies for the confusion.

Andy Sweet [MSFT]

Hmm, not sure what to say--if it's an OEM machine, they are probably your
best bet for actual support.

Startup Repair help topic states: If you experience problems while trying to
run Startup Repair, or if your computer does not include Startup Repair,
your computer manufacturer might have customized or replaced the tool. Check
the information that came with your computer or go to the manufacturer's

More info at

Some other options: You might try exploring the root of your problem: the
intermittent boot/shutdown problems (Startup Repair wouldn't fix a shutdown
problem anyway). For example perhaps the problem is related to hardware or
software recently installed, or a driver that needs updating. Or try System
Restore, if you can trace the problem to a specific date that you have a
restore point for.

Best of luck,



Unfortunately my OEM will only say "re-install". If I find another solution
I will post it here.

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