can't boot after Vista SP1 installation


Timothy Daniels

I had a bad SP2 installation, so I reloaded a clone of the OEM
Vista Bus Pro system using Casper 4.0. I deleted the olf Symantec
AV and installed a new one from a current CD. I went to Windows
Update several times and installed all the updates offered, going
through half a dozen restarts during the process. All the time, the
restarts worked fine - the Vista boot manager gave me the option
of booting Vista or going to my Ubuntu boot manager to boot Ubuntu.
(Vista is installed on partition 1). Selecting Vista always started up
Vista. All was well.

Then I was told to install SP1, so I clicked OK to that. The install
took about 10 minutes, then it offered to restart, and I clikcked OK,
and the PC started the configuring thing, then it restarted. As usual,
presented the boot manager's dual-boot menu, and I selected Vista.
Then the Windows Error Recovery screen appeared.
Clicking "Launch Startup Repair" gives me the same screen.
Clicking "Start Windows Normally" gives me the Blue Screen with
the Stop code: 0x79 (0x3, 0x7C, 0x6, 0x0)
One on-line reference lists Stop code 0x79 as: "MISMATCHED_HAL"
"STOP error 0x79 means that the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
revision level or configuration does not match that of the kernel
or the computer."

What must I do to get this thing to boot Vista? Is the GUID now
wrong in the boot manager's BDC menu? How can I fix it if it is?



you may try to use the installation disk of vista to recovery your boot
section but if you do so, your ubuntu may not boot normally and you may have
to recovery your ubuntu OS boot section too ...

Timothy Daniels

OK, I got SP2 installed. I started over again with copying the
clone to the 1st partition (the home of Vista). I left the old
Symantec AV in place, and let the automatic update do its thing
as I went along. I installed SP1. Then I installed SP2. Everything
OK so far. The update history says that SP1 failed, but SP2
installed, anyway. THEN I uninstalled Symantec AV 2007 and
installed Symantic AV 2009. I have since re-installed Firefox
and Opera, plus Flash and Shockwave and Java, and all seems
well. The problem MAY have been removing the Symantec AV,
or it may have involved removing the external eSATA hard drive
between the installations of SP1 and SP2 (making the change in
hardware set off alarm bells). The only puzzle now is that the SP1
for .NET Framework 3.5 installed, but I can't find Framework 3.5
listed anywhere as having been installed.


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