SyncToy 2.0 Beta: Please add Move Synctoy action!




First thanks for this update. I was begining to think 1.4 is the first and
last public debut of SyncToy. This is a great tool, and it is my swissknife
tool for my media file movement on my home network.

My feature request is to add in the final realese the ability to Move the
files from left to right instead of syncing new and updates. I have 3
mediacenter boxes here, and cable signal distrubution is not optimal in my
neighborhood, so I have dedicated one box just for recording with good signal
and moving/distributing the files to other boxes; one for the kids and one
for matured content.

In this case I just don't want to sync the media files, but want to move
them to relief my recorder box and reclaim precious HDD space. So, in this
case I am not served by the sync only feature of SyncToy. Please make SyncToy
feature complete by adding this feature, I am sure it will not be too
difficult to implement.

One last feature that will be great but possibly too complex for current
release is to have SyncToy run as service, so that SyncToy on various boxes
can talk to each other through open ports in the firewall.

This because of hardened security in Vista, and the need not to open file
share to the public, but that SyncToy internally knows where to copy from and
upload the files to the receiver via the service.
I have to leave shares open now and make them read/write, which means any
idiot can also reach those shares and mess up the files. I know you can
secure shares, but why make it visible at all (even hidden $ shares are
visible to tools) while you can make it secure and private.

Sorry for the long entry, I feel this is important.



The Move action will be hard for us to add in this release. I will add it to
the backlog for any future release but no promises on whether it will be
implemented. You seem like a power user to me :) - I guess you could try
doing the source deletes yourself using a batch file after the sync is done
(assuming you're using the Contribute action - don't try that with
Synchronize or Echo otherwise your files on the target will get deleted as

As far as the use of shares goes - if you make sure that your shares are
ACL'd properly you should be good. You're right - not using shares would be a
big change for SyncToy and one that we will not likely make anytime soon.
Plus, punching holes in the firewall for new ports and using our own protocol
has it's own parallel security considerations that may rival share creation.

Thanks for the feedback and glad you're able to use SyncToy to keep your
files organized and available where you need them.

SyncToy Development

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