Upgrading SyncToy to v2.0




I'm happily using SyncToy v1.4 to keep in sync my work laptop with my home
desktop. For this I use different "folders pairs":
- directly via lan for when I take the laptop home...
- using an external USB disk (first sync laptop<->USB and then USB<->desktop)

Right now I was able to, more or less, manually dealing with the above when
too many different "deletes" are done on both sides (I usually do not sync

SyncToy v2 is now keeping it's "data" into the root of the folder pair: what
will happen when I'll upgrade v1.4 to v2? Having two different folders pair
(on different computers) "pointing" to the same folder on the USB drive will
confuse SyncToy v2?
I guess that having moved the "data" repository out of the synctoy pc to the
folder will break my "special" use...

....I hope I was clear enough... :)


....as usual I cannot wait... :)

I have "assembled" a VirtualPC and recreated my scenario using three
different "root folders" to emulate my sync structure.

Well, SyncToy v2 is working, more or less, as v1.4 because at each new pair
creation I've found a DIFFERENT "SyncToy_longid" .dat file! :)

Great! I'm going to upgrade it on the "real" pc too... :))

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