SyncToy (1.4 or 2b): Multi-User Environment Feasible?



I was wondering if anyone has experience and lessons learned using SyncToy in
a multi-user environment for collaboration using a shared location?

We are using synctoy to replicate our local folders (left folder) to the
shared drive (right folder) using Combine (in v 1.4 of Synctoy). My concern
is with inadvertant overwrites. I noticed that another synctoy user created a
new file on their local drive, then replicated to the shared drive. My
synctoy replicated this file to my local however the next time I ran synctoy
(in preview mode) the same new file was going to make its way back to the
shared drive, overwriting the previous one. This is no big deal if nothing
has changed (i did not open the local copy between syncs) but is a cause for

Is it possible that this scenario is accounted for in v2?



Hi Tiran,

I wouldn't recommend doing this with SyncToy because it currently resolves
all conflicts automatically by choosing the file with the last update time.
So in case you updated a file and another user updated the same file on their
machine. When the two changes sync up to the server share, the earlier change
will be lost. This is much harder to co-ordinate between multipe users, some
of which may be using Preview and some other may not.

We're considering a feature for a future release (i.e. after the 2.0
release) where SyncToy will allow the user to take action when a conflict is
discovered. This will make it much safer to use it for these scenarios.

Ashish Shah
SyncToy Development

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