Sync issue between Outlook 2007 and WL Hotmail



After re-build to Win7 Ultimate RTM Code yesterday (was previously running
Win7 RC 7100), I setup outlook 07 to use my hotmail account. Installed
outlook connector etc and began the download of the 1.4 Gb or so in my
hotmail account. 108 emails of the 2012 items that downloaded are completely
blank. No header info, no text in subject or body. The only info that is
preserved is the forward, or reply information and if the email was flagged
or urgent - and there are instances of all of these - i.e. no discernible
pattern to the blank messages.
In the web interface of hotmail, the email is intact, displays correctly etc.
I've tried moving the email in the web interface to another folder, and
outlook will sync the change, but the email remains blank.
If I forward one of the affected emails to myself from hotmail web interface
(using the same hotmail account), it arrives and displays correctly in
I have re-set outlook - i.e. begun afresh with a new datafile and the
/firstrun switch, re-downloaded the entire inbox again, and the problem
persists with the same emails.
Any ideas as to what might be going wrong here?


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