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George and Betty Dixon

Can someone help me? 25% of my hard drive is filled with duplicate
media(mainly audio) files. Is there some way to delete the extra files? I
have run a search and whenever I see a duplicate I delete one which goes to
recycle bin. The remaining file seems to disappear. Is there a media file
management program I can download? I have media folders all over my hard
drive. Also, is there a duplicate file removal program which is safe to


No duplicate removal tool is "safe" to use. Below are some that will find them
but you'll have many instances where files are located in different
they are NOT NECESSARILY duplicates. Deleting them could crash your
system if you are not careful. Deleting a "duplicate" in one place could
erase each entry on your entire system. Below are two excellent programs to
clean your system and are free, BUT BE CAREFUL.
ToniArts EasyCleaner - Reviews and free downloads

CCleaner - Download

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