svchost.exe Application Error at Login Screen - Same Error in SAFE Mode - Can't Get to Command Promp


Chris Hagler

I get the following message at the LOGING screen when rebooting my PC:

"The instruction at "0x76aa2089" referenced memory at "0x76aa2089" . The
required data was not placed into memory because of an I/O error status

Click on OK to terminate the program.
Click on Cancel to DUBUG the program."

When I click on OK, to terminate the program - I enter my login passowrd and
then receive this message:

"a problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for
this computer. error code 0x80090006"

The computer then says it is going to reboot....

This happened after my PC took an auto update last night and rebooted
itself - I have not installed any hardware or software on this PC for the
last 6 months.

I can NOT boot to a Command Prompt....SAFE MODE gives me the same errors.
I do NOT have a Windows Install disk, as this is a Sony Vaoi Desktop - and I
can only restore the system as it came out of the box.

Do you think there is a hardware (Hard Drive or Memory) problem? Or is this
a Windows XP problem?

Is there a way to get off the Internet a program that I can burn on PC that
will allow me to get to a DOS prompt on and run SYSTEM Restore from the
command prompt?

Any other ideas....much appreciated.




Hi Chris,

"a problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for
this computer. error code 0x80090006."

This error is caused due to a corrupution of wpa.dbl located in
C:\Windows\System32 . This file takes care of activation issue.

The best way to check this issue will be to arrange for a Windows XP
Bootable Disk and boot to recovery console.

Navigate to C:\Windows\System32

cd windows
cd system32
dir wpa.dbl (This will locate wpa.dbl)
dir wpa.bak (This will locate wpa.bak) In case the file is not existing
ren wap.dbl wpa.old
ren wpa.bak wpa.dbl

Restart the PC

Note: Use that only for repair or recovery console. Do Not install from it.

You may create the Windows XP Setup Disks:


Jitesh Biswas

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