Super Encoder: Does a Decent Job at Capturing Streaming Audio/Video



Some people have used Super to convert their media files and have
found it to be useful.

Although it does not seem to always produce a compliant media file,
there was one thing I noticed that was unusual for a converter. Super
has the ability to capture streaming media files. So far, I have
tested Super by downloading .wmv, .rm, .mov, and a live Windows Media
radio stream. Each time, the product worked.

All you do is:

1. Right click in the program and choose: "Add Streaming Link(s)"
2. Type in the media URL and check "Save Stream to Your HardDisk" and
then click ok.
3. Click "Encode (Active Files) | Save (Active Streams) in the main
4. A "Processing" Message will appear. When the file is complete or
you manually stop the process, the display will change to "Drop a
Valid Multimedia File Here - Will try to play or encode".
5. Go to the assigned folder and play the captured file.

Okay, Super is not perfect. For one, there is no scheduler, but would
be wishful thinking to expect this feature on this type of
application. Of course like all capturing programs, you still need
the exact URL that would load the proper media player. Just a webpage
URL is not sufficient. Probably the only other complaint I can think
of is that the resulting file is not seekable. Thus, you would cannot
fast-forward or reverse the file. There are utilities for certain
files types that will create something seekable, but I am not sure if
there is a free universal converter.

In my opinion, Super is probably the best freeware way of capturing
video. WMRecorder is only limited to .asf files. Something like Net
Transport works with multiple formats, but is deficient if you capture
something with no definitive ending. Hence if you try to capture a
live, continuing stream, Net Transport does not work because it will
not finalize the file, but instead it give you a .nv! file which is
pretty much worthless. For Window audio, there is SDP can schedule
one program. Other than SDP, it seems as though Super is no worse
that something like Screamer Radio or Strembox VCR for audio. Of
course Super can capture multiple audio and video formats which to me
makes it a versatile product.

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