capturing streaming video



Would someone out there please provide some informationabout software
to capture streaming videos and record them to the local hard disk?
Basically what I'm looking for would be analogous to sound capturing
software, like TotalRecorder, that lets you play anything audio on
your system, and it allows you to store it to an MP3 file or other
audio format on the harddrive -- except that you'd capture video.

The video capturing software I'm looking for would capture somthing
I'm streaming off the Internet (using RealPlayer or Windows Media
Player), or maybe even something I'm playing via DVD player software
on a Windows XP system, and save it as MPEG-4 (or maybe other format)
to the harddrive.

Thanks for any information on this.
Wolfgang, CA

Andrew E.

Usually streaming audio or video is being played thru youre pc player,simply
in the player,go to file,select "save as",or before you view, on the
select,save as.Most recording video works with youre "line-in" ports,audio or
video..For software,download WM encoder 9 series,or try microsofts new
media software,a recorder is also available.


Use Cam Studio, it is free and will capture your desk top. Otherwise you can
use the "ALL IN ONE BOOKMARK" do a search for it to a bookmark that when
activated will capture any video.


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