Style Sheets & Includes for Word - is this possible? embedded docs



I'm looking at setting up an ISO system for our company and I want to make a
document with a header & footer that is contant for all documents. I want to
embed this document into all of the documents so that if we move or change
our address info, I only have to change 1 document and it will update all of
the other documents (since the doc is embedded).

This is similar to website style sheets & includes, I can have one included
file that serves as a header / footer for all pages so if I have a change to
the header / footer, I only need to change one document rather than hundreds.

Is this possible in Word? if so how?




Jay Freedman

This is one of the functions that Word assigns to *templates*. Read
these articles:

For specific information about setting up a header and footer in a
template, see

To make it so the template can be updated with a new header or footer,
link to the text or graphic content instead of embedding it in the
template. Both the Insert Picture and Insert File dialogs have a down
arrow next to the Insert button, with an option to insert a link.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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