style changes font- workaround please



If I have a style set up including only paragraph formatting, and I apply
it to text that includes some that is bold/underline/etc, the character
format is removed. I know this is how it is set up but do any of you
wonderful clever folks out there know some way around it? Is my only option
to have to re-do all the bold, underline, etc? I do this kind of thing
frequently to text cut from other places! "Help" (sic) says:

"The format you apply by using a paragraph style or character style *may*
change the existing character formatting of the text. "
which gives me at least a thread of hope that there may be some way around
this..... is there?



Stefan Blom

Assuming that less than 50% of the paragraph has direct formatting and that
you apply the style without selecting the paragraph (leave the insertion
point blinking!), the direct formatting should be preserved.

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