strange SendTo issue!



I've already posted this but can't seem to find it, so I'll try again.

I'm the only user on this PC, with one account, administrator. When I
navigate to the 'C:\Documents and Settings\myprofile\SendTo' folder, I see 3
default shortcuts inside and NO hidden items:

Desktop (create shortcut).DeskLink
Mail Recipient.MAPIMail
Compressed (zipped) Folder.ZFSendToTarget

However, when I actually choose 'SendTo' from the rightclick menu on any
file, there are 9 shortcuts listed, all of which are either drives or
partitions (which I remember creating), in addition to the other 3. In
'C:\Documents and Settings\myprofile\SendTo' when I create a new folder,
that folder appears in the 'Send To' list - so clearly they are referring to
the same location. I just can't figure out why the items in the 'SendTo'
menu do not appear in the actual 'SendTo' folder - this is counter intuitive
and confusing!

I've checked other locations, including 'C:\Documents and Settings\Default
User\SendTo', 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\SendTo',
'C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\SendTo' and they ALL list just 3
default shortcuts and no hidden items. I've tried many REG, VBS hacks which
restore 'SendTo' but they have no effect I can't even find any reference to
these partition drive letters, in the registry!

This is one of the oddest issues I've come across so far.Any ideas?



Hard drives icons are added but not shown in the SendTo folder.

What are shown but not there?


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