strange SendTo and Recent folder issue



1)I'm the only user on this PC, the Administrator. I'm running XP Home
Edition. When I go to the 'C:\Documents and Settings\Me\SendTo' folder there
is only two items in it: 'Desktop (create shortcut)', and 'Mail Recipient'.
But if I actually right-click an item and choose 'SendTo', I find there are
13 location shortcuts listed, including the defaults - all the others are
partitions in my drive. I remember putting them there, but why do they show
up on the right-click menu, and not in the actual 'SendTo' folder itself?
The shortcuts are not hidden; I've checked (folder just says two items, none
hidden), and they do work! They just seem to be absent from the folder.

2)Before I ran CCleaner, the 'C:\Documents and Settings\Me\Recent' folder
had two items in it, yet when I ran CCleaner, it listed at least 20 items in
that folder before cleaning it. They were all listed under my profile. Where
are they??!

For some reason Windows is seeing one thing, and I'm seeing another. Maybe a
problem in the registry? I've tried most things - including fixes from
Kelly's Korner - but nothing seems to work.


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