Strange problem with Outlook 2003 aging



Hello there,

I'm posting here about a strange 'bug' in Outlook 2003 about aging.

My Outlook is set like this :
Tools | Options -> Other -> AutoArchive -> AutoArchive Settings :
Turn On AutoArchive : Checked
Run AutoArchive every 5 days
Prompt before AutoArchive runs : Unchecked

During AutoArchive :
Delete expired items : Unchecked
Archive or delete old item : Checked
Show Archive folder in folder list : Checked
Clean out items older then 60 days
Permanently Delete Old items : Uncheked

My PST File exists and i have Full Access to it.

My Inbox folder is set with same parameters and all sub folders have the
same parameters.

Now I use the File menu and go to Archive and I take the Age all folder with
autoarchive settings.

I wait during it work and when it's finished, i take a look in my Archive

All items put in my Inbox folder are correctly moved to my Archive folder.
All items in my subfolders which are already exist in my archive folder are
correctly moved.

BUT all folders which don't already existed in my Archive Folder are not
If i take a look to my Inbox subfolders, all email which should be archived
are deleted but i can't find them in my archive folder !

Now if i go back in the file -> Archive menu and take Archive this folder
and all subfolder and put a date (like 60 days before) and i press the "ok"

I can see in my archive folder that new folder are correctly Created.

Now if i use autoarchive option again mail are correcly added for this folder.

According to the Microsoft Knowledge base, Outlook should create folders in
they don't exists.
It's a bug ? somebody already had this problem ?

I'm using Outlook 11.8313.8221 version with Exchange 2003 server.
My computer run on Windows XP Pro SP3

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