Archiving sub-folders



In an attempt to better manage my emails in Outlook 2007, I have created a
new folder named 'Saved Messages' and WITHIN THAT FOLDER I have created a
number of sub-folders into which I sort incoming emails I wish to keep (using

I have set the Autoarchive setting on BOTH the main folder ('Saved
Messages') and on EACH SUB-FOLDER to archive any file older than 1 day and to
move the items to the default autoarchive folder.

At the end of the day, I choose Archive before closing Outlook 2007.
However, NONE of the items in Saved Messages OR in ANY of the subfolders in
that folder are archived.

When I did this before but did NOTuse sub-folders - i.e. just had a folder
'Saved Messages', the archiving worked OK.

So, does this mean that Outlook 2007 cannot archive sub-folders?

IF it CAN, then what am I doing incorrectly?


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