AutoArchive not working


big country

WIndows XP Pro SP2 workstation
Office 2k3 SP3
2k3 server domain
Exchange server

This workstation appears to have all the settings configured properly,
however autoarchive does not all. So I dont think its a modified
date thing. The settings are as follows:

Run every 14 days
Dont prompt
older than 1 month
Applied settings to all folders and subfolders

Each individual folder under the mailbox is set to use the default archive
settings, which are AutoArchive.

Strange thing is if I go to File>archive I see its ticked next to "archive
this folder and all subfolders" but if I tick "archive all folders and
subfolders according to thier autoarchive settings" it archives properly. I
understand this method is the manual way of archiving however I feel like if
I could get the first option to stay ticked it would AutoArchive properly.

Any ideas would be great!


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