Strange Outlook Occurance with Outlook for Mac



We have serverl Mac's running Outlook 8.2 for Mac on Mac
OS 9.2. I have one specific machine having a problem. If
it is logged on and you open an email, you cannot send any
emails. When you click on the New Mail, reply, reply all
or forward button the user gets a message that say, "Item
cannot be displayed. If you You need more memory or system
resources. Close some windows and try again." If when you
first open Outlook you go to compose a new email you can,
but then you cannot read emails and get the same error.
There are NO other window running and we have upped the
Preferred memory to 18000k. Any one out there run into a
similar problem?



Jocelyn Fiorello [MVP - Outlook]

Chris, although the name of this newsgroup isn't very specific, it's
actually intended for the PC version of Outlook. Microsoft has set up a
Mac-specific Outlook newsgroup at microsoft.public.outlook.mac, where
folks who are more familiar with the Mac version may be able to give you
faster and better answers to your question. If nobody answers you here,
you may want to repost over there. Good luck!

Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

*** Replies sent to my e-mail address will probably not be answered --
please reply only to the newsgroup to preserve the message thread. ***

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