Strange Error Message


Andrew Porter

I downloaded a file that contained a virus. I used AVG
antivirus to remove a 'Trojan Horse: Downloader' virus.
However, since then, a new file keeps appearing in my
Temp directory every time the computer is restarted.
This file is called msbb.exe.
It causes an error message to occur on starting the
computer, and sometimes during programs:

"16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem"
The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction
CS: 0f69 IP:020d OP:63 6861 72 73

I can delete msbb.exe, but on restarting, it reappears.
Any ideas what has happened? Running full checks for
viruses didn't throw up anything, and I have tried to
check for files modified the day i got the virus, but
none of them seemed suspicious.



I have a recollection that this may be a "spyware" program. It would be
worth your while downloading and running the free version of Ad-Aware
from - if it is spyware, that should get rid
of it for you.


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Thanks for your help. I downloaded some spyware checking
software, and it has solved the problem. Also uncovered
a worrying number of other things knocking around in my


Yes, it's astonishing how these things build up. When I first ran Ad-
Aware it reported 200+ "objects" that shouldn't have been there.


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