Strange boot/reboot XP issue--advice welcome.



Hello everyone,

I am having a very strange XP reboot issue...I have XP SP3 and now whenever
I need to reboot (I usually keep my machine on all the time) it starts back
up...gets to the normal XP screen (with the moving bar) and then goes to a
black screen and just stops. No error, no beeps, nothing.

However, every so often it will actually boot up and then continue to work
fine...until I need to reboot again. There's nothing in the Event Log and no
other noticeable error....all data is good and all applications seem to work
fine on boot up (when I can finally get it going again).

If I hit F8 when booting, it seems to always be able to get into Safe Mode
with no issues.

I have had this PC humming along for a long time, it's kept very clean, it's
well bloatware, no wacky crap...etc.

Not sure if h/w matters for this (again, been running for about a year,
perfectly)...but just in case...

It's an AMD Dual Core 4200,
Asus A8N32-SLI MB
2 GB Corsair memory
2x Seagate ST3300622AS-RK Barracuda 300 GB SATA

Any thoughts would be appreciated and thank you in advance.


I did that and also tried Bootlog XP...

Everything "looks" normal...some stuff takes a while to load but there
doesn't seem to be any errors.

What's annoying is I only see this when it actually does reboot...when it
hangs, I don't get anything and then next reboot overwrites.

It's very frustrating.

I am willing to hear any other thoughts...and Thank you.


Mark L. Ferguson

Not reaching the Welcome screen would imply some problem in the WinLogon
area. Trying SFC might renew any damaged winlogon files. Next, I would
consider trying a new User ID, to compare to the old ID performance.

Start/Run, type:
sfc /scannow

How to copy data from a corrupted user profile to a new profile:
Please use the Communities guidelines when posting.
Use the "Ratings" feature. It helps the new users.
Mark L. Ferguson MS-MVP

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