Strange behavior of 'Alt Gr' key


Mridul Sethia


I use a Danish keyboard.

Without changing any configuration, suddenly the Alt-Gr Key (the right Alt
Key) started behaving strangely.

If I have to type '{', I have to hold 'Alt Gr' key around 500 miliseconds.
and the when I release the key, it misses the focus from the document.
Either I have press it 3-4 time to get the focus back on the cursor or have
to click on the document again. You can imagine, it is quiet irritating.

I have already tried to add english language on my keyboard, and all the
possibilities in the regional settings.

I have also been in the accessibility options to see if any StickyKey option
was turned on! But on luck there either, I've turned off all the sticky key

Anybody have any idea, how I can get my previous configuration back ?

Thanks in advance

-- Mridul

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