Stop Rounding in Forms



I've looked through some of the other responses to rounding problems, but
none of them seem to address mine. I have a data entry form connected to a
table. The values in my table are set as Field: Decimal, Format: General
number, Scale: 3, Decimal places: 2. In the table the values are displaying
correctly and not rounding.

However, in my data entry form, the decimals are rounding up (.25 shows up
as .3 even though the value in the table behind it still shows .25.) I
discovered that if I go into the field properties on the form, and change the
number type from General to either Standard or Fixed the decimals don't
round. But then all of my numbers suddenly show decimal places, even the
ones that don't need to.

According to the number format descriptions in the Access help file,
"General number" is supposed to be the format that displays whatever number
you type, but it doesn't seem to be working that way. I don't necessarily
want to see "5" displayed as "5.00" all the time but I do want to see "0.25"
not the rounded version "0.3".

Can anyone tell me why the form isn't displaying exactly what is in the
table behind it when the number settings/formats seem to be set exactly the
same way in both places?

Jeff Boyce

There's a chance your form is confused about the difference between the
stored value (definition) and how it is displaying the value (formatting).
One approach might be to delete the control that displays that field's
value, then add back in a new control based on that field.

If there was a change in definition at the table level between when the form
was created and now, the form might not "know" the new definition.

Good luck!


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP


Your suggestion worked : )
Thank you so much for the fast response. This issue was making me crazy!

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