STOP messages



It can boot Windows after several reboots, but each restart is accompanied by
a STOP screen. You’d think the screen is the same, but no-it is not. I’ve had
7E ; 7B ; 8E ; 0x00000050 ; c000021a ; 0x0000000A stop screens. Since I
changed the DIMM slot, 8E has appeared just once. However I was thinking if
there is a link between them, which I can use to fix this. Also I have those
Win32k.sys , NDIS.sys , ACDI.sys at the blue screen almost every time.
Also under Safe Mode in Device Manager there is that PnP BIOS Extension
which tells me that it cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware
(code 37) and if I try to run troubleshooting this c000021a screen appears.
Outside Safe Mode the device works properly. I can’t understand that. I tried
to upgrade the driver but I was told that this is the best it could find.
I was thinking to do memory test, but despite that could it be another
hardware problem? Once started Windows works all right, only if I leave it
without anything running on, I get some of these stop screens. After restart
it’s fine again.
Thanks very much for you answers and if any one can think of something,
please I’d be very grateful


Yordan said:
It can boot Windows after several reboots, but each restart is

(snip repeat post)

You've already posted this elsewhere and have received detailed answers;
the thread is still open and active. Please do not multipost; crosspost
only judiciously if you must. Multiposting makes more work for

Go back to your original post and read the replies you have received
there. If you can't find that post, use Google Groups Advanced Search
and look for your name.

You may be having difficulties in finding your posts because you are
using the web interface which is the worst way to access these groups.
Use a newsreader instead. Here is information to help you with that:

Since you are using the web interface, you may not realize that this is
really a newsgroup. You will get far more out of this resource if you
learn to use a newsreader. There are many good newsreaders for Windows,
but you can use Outlook Express since you already have it. Here are
some links to information about newsgroups: - a brief
explanation of newsgroups - list of MS newsgroups - MS group to test if your newsreader is
working properly - how to munge email address


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