Stop Error



I am getting the blue screen Stop: C000021a {Fatal System Error} Logon
Process terminated error upon boot. There were some viruses on the PC which
were removed in safe mode with AVG. However, I think the lsass.exe was
terminated in the task manager during the process. Any Ideas? Would the
lsass.exe file cause this stop error?



On the first article, where I think my problem might be fixed, how do I get
to the command prompt if I cannot even boot up in safe mode with command
prompt? I cannot boot in any mode without the stop error coming up.


I think i'm gonna try a Windows XP Updgrade to see if it will reinstall the
windows components and get it back in working order. I just need to keep the
personal files on the HD.

Ron Badour

By upgrade, I am thinking you mean a repair installation. Hopefully that
will work; however, should a format installation become necessary, you could
slave your drive up to another functioning XP system and copy the needed
files that way.


Ron Badour
Windows Desktop Experience


I wasn't able to repair install. It did not give me that option.

I did slave the drive and copied the lsass.exe file manually into
windows/system32 folder, but I didn't know if there was anything else I had
to do for it to recognize the file and boot correctly. Have any ideas of
anything i should do after I copy the files over?

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