started with "blue screen" ended up with "missing system32\hal.dll



Hi folks...
I'm praying somone can assist me as I've been waiting to hear back from
Microsoft on this as it started (when I noticed - my daughter's computer)
when trying to run updates from Microsoft.
Her system is older, running XP Pro and there isn't much on it believe it or
not. AVG is the anti-virus and I've also tried running some registry scans.
No avail, but cleaned a few things up. Mostly having to run in Safe Mode and
Safe Mode w/Networking, yet will still eventually end up getting that blue
screen and many times re-looping and getting stuck & F8 doesn't always work

Again, this is my daughter’s computer, and I believe this started about a
week or so ago. She finally told me a few days ago and when I started taking
a look at her system, this is all new, not past issues I’ve experienced.

1. The first thing I tried to do was to run a scan on her system to see if
there were virus, etc.

2. Then I tried to run a windows update and that’s when I personally
encountered the first blue screen of many…

3. I had already attempted many times to Use the “Last Known Good
Configuration†to no avail, a few times the system couldn’t even get to
running Windows without having returned directly to the blue screen.

4. Then I was able to use the Safe Mode with Networking, tried running
Windows Update that way, didn’t work. Multiple attempts each ending in Blue

5. I noticed that a message finally gave me something about a Driver issue,
so went to Device Manager, and updated/reinstalled drivers a display screen
and a multimedia device (neither of which I am familiar), but then the Device
Mgr was clear.

6. Then attempted to run Windows update and it did actually download the
Visualization Tool & Installed, thought I was actually getting somewhere…
But then after it asked me to continue on with scanning for updates, I was
back to the blue screen and it proceeded to no longer be able to start
Windows again, just re-routing back to Blue Screen.

7. Last Known Good Configuration again, didn’t work.

I do have screen shots of the blue screens it gives, but the error codes are
of no help as the four it gives me, always change.

I've finally turned the damn thing off as it was just re-looping to blue
screen and couldn't load windows, so after 3 days of tyring to figure it out,
I've given up....

Lastly, apparently my daughter turned the computer on, and now all it shows
is a black screen with the "missing system32\hal.dll" file.
Now I've seen this when I got a brand new system running both Mac & OS
systems, when I loaded windows. I figured out a work around for it on the
Mac, but this system only runs Windows, so not sure what to do from here with

She has some things on her system that she's hoping I don't have to do a
fresh install so any suggestions are tremendously appreciated.

Please let me know what further info I can provide to be of assistance.

Thanks so much,




Andrew E.

That .dll is on the xp cd i believe,try tapping F8,safe mode,enter xp as
administrator,with xp cd installed,go to my computer,open cdrom,locate
the .dll,copy,copy to windows folder.The same can be done by booting to xp
cd,recovery,read kb307654 or kb314058 You could also boot to xp cd,select
install xp,"repair this copy"...

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