Standby/Sleep mode Problems



When I set my system to go on standby, it will sometimes not recover when I
press the sleep button on the keyboard. The processor will start, but, the
monitor will remain black. To continue, I have to reboot and reset the screen
settings. I have tried setting the hibernation switch, but, get the same
results. About 10% of the time it does not recover from standby/sleep. It is
very unpredictable.
The settings are: Turn Off monitor = 5 min, Turn Off Hard Disk = 5 min,
System Standby= 5 min
I have Windows XP Media Center Edition ver 5.1 service pack 2
The monitor is a 19" Samsung SyncMaster 913v MagicTunes
I have Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphic Controller using 1024 X 768 True
Color 32 bit 60 Hertz
Intel Pentium 4 motherboard 84 with Intel D 2.8GHz Processor
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.




In the absence of anything better, I'd go to > downloads
and obtain the latest appropriate graphics and chipset drivers.

Pay attention to the procedure required to install chipset drivers,
should such exist for your particular chipset. You can try the simple
SETUP process, but you should go the SYSTEM items in Device Manager to
confirm that (some of) these were actually changed.

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