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Gordon Kinghorn

I had hooped running this would mean I could use a single
product but unfortunately I have to keep running this as
well as Lavasoft's 'ad-aware' and also Spybot S&D -
The 'worst' detection rate is in this product which tells
me I am clean but doesn't do enought o get rid of
ShopAtHome , in particular - I still have to go to manual
process to remove it.

Can you not check that this product detects everything
that the above 2 products do? It might then be a real
killer spyware/adware app..

close but a long way go - however I will persevere and
hope it gets better...

Bill Sanderson

Bear in mind that the current build doesn't scan for cookies.

If you are able to send a Tools, Suspected spyware report from a system
infected with ShopAtHome, that'd help.

For some spyware which is detected, but not properly cleaned, restarting in
Safe mode, and doing a full scan there often is effective.

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