SPOOLSV process brings down the server



I am having a serious issue with my server. It's running pint server on
windows 2003 enterprise edition with all the updates, DHCP SERVER, WINS
SERVER and all these are running on microsoft cluster with a single node in
After sometiime the spoolsv process starts taking the memory and heavy
amount of data coming in and going out of server is observed through the NIC
card. This process starts taking more and more memory and at some point I
cannot even open a command prompt. The solution to this is to delete the
spoolsv process through task manager.
It was running fine since two years and now this problem is driving me nuts.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Glenn L

you say there is elevated network traffic when this is occuring.
try doing a network trace to see if there is a single computer or a few
computers responsible for most of the traffic.
Maybe you have some clients sending print jobs that are choking the spooler.

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