Problem: CPU Maxed Out By SPOOLSV


Phil Galey

I'm running Windows 2000 SP3 and have a HP 5550 DeskJet printer attached via

I have a VB.Net application from which I call the Print method from a
PrintDocument object to print a 1-page document. After the document has
already printed, there remains a document in the printer queue which is
indicated as being on page 3 of 1. The SPOOLSV process takes up 99% of the
CPU, bringing everything to its knees, and with the only choices being
either a system restart or waiting about 10 minutes.

I've been using this printer for quite some time now, but this problem only
started about a week ago. I tried using a spoolsv.exe file copied from a
different computer, but that hasn't helped.

What might be the cause and solution to this frustrating problem? Thanks.

Phil Galey

I figured it out. This SPOOLSV problem only happens whenever Terminal
Services Client is running.

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