Spoolsv.exe error



A client of mine had a Win98 system with a HP LaserJet 1300 that was working
just fine. I recently upgraded him to win2000. Everything went fine, except
for the HP. I keep getting the error meesage "Spoolsv.exe has generated
errors and will be closed by Windows." These messages would pop up everytime
I started the computer.

I tried to reinstall the HP, but with no luck. It goes all the way and then
says that the printer failed to install, then uninstalls itself. I've
finally got the computer to start up without the error message, but he also
doesn't have access to his printer.

I've upgraded other clients from Win98 to Win2000, each with a different HP
LaserJet printer, and they all seem to have the same problem. Now I know I
need to uninstall the printer FIRST, before the upgrade. But what do I do
about the current computer?

I've already tried the updated drivers from the HP website. They're the
same as on the CD. Any help would be appreciated.


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