Spoolsv.exe has generated errors


Victoria Bolton

I recently upgraded a 98 machine to Windows 2000. Everything seemed to go
okay except when I tried to reinstall the printer.

Everytime I boot up the machine I get a error message saying the
"SpoolSV.exe has generated errors and it will be closed by windows."

If I go and restart the service it crashes again with the same error.

I have uninstalled the printer - cleaned the registry of any custom
monitors, I replaced the spool directory and copied new copies of
spoolsv.exe, localspl.dll, spollss.dll and win32spl.dll onto the computer.

Once I cleaned everything up it booted okay, however as soon as I try and
add a new printer (HP LaserJet 4200) things go bad.

If I use the installation disk it crashes partway through the setup with the
same error. If I download the latest drivers and go the add printer route it
installs and even prints a test page but as soon as I reboot the service
crashes again.

Any help would be greatfully appreciated



Mike D

You need to install Windows 2000 Service Pack 4. This should fix the
spooler problem.
Mike D

Victoria Bolton

Sorry I should have mentioned that. Updates and service packs are the first
thing I do. Everything was already completely up to date when this problem
presented itself.

Thanks anyhow


Bruce Sanderson

I suggest:

1. reinstall Service Pack 4 - this should ensure you have a compatible set
of dlls etc. for the spooler.
2. remove any printer drivers - see
3. download new printer drivers for the HP 4200 from
http://www.hp.com/cposupport/software.html and install those instead of the
one's on the CD that came with the printer

We had some significant issues with the HP 4200 in a mixed OS environments.
It's very important to have "compatible" printer drivers for such
situations. See

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