spoolsv.exe error msg



I am running Windows 2000 SP4. I tried to print from a DOS
based program and now the printer service will not run. I
get the following error message on startup: "spoolsv.exe
has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You
will need to restart the program." I can start the
service manually but it stops itself a few seconds later
with the same message message. Is there any way to fix
this without reinstalling Windows?

Thank you,

Ben Kuhn [MS]

Hmm, I looked at that fix... unless your DOS application is actually just a
console written for windows, and is printing using the windows printing
APIs, this fix won't solve your problem. The file in the fix, Unidrv.dll,
is a rendering dll for a large number of print drivers. Being a rendering
dll, it won't get invoked from a true DOS application, regardless of whether
the printer provided a driver that uses it.

I don't think it's what you need.

pip, if that fix does apply to your problem, then you might be able to solve
your problem by installing a driver that you received from the
manufacturer's web site, as opposed to using the one that shipped on the
Windows CD.

Ben Kuhn

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