Splitting Windows Mail storage folder?



As standard configuration all mails in Windows Mail are stored in the same
folder: \Windows mail\.

Is it possible to split the main Windows Mail folder \Windows mail\ into a
folder with the most recent mails and at the same time from within the
Windows Mail panel having direct access to all the old mails stored in
another storage folder? A folder only opening when it's necessary.

Presently I have 1.4 GB and around 11000 files and 400 folders in my Windows
Mail storage folder \Windows mail\, and it's a little bit slow when
starting. However it works fine and fast when opened.

Is it possible either to have \Windows mail 1\, \Windows mail 2\, \Windows
mail ...\ folders, or to have more than one Windows Mail program working on
the same PC: Windows Mail, Windows Mail Old 1, Windows Mail Old 2, ect., not
receiving/sending mails from the old archive mails?

I'm using Vista 32 bit with 2 GB RAM.

Steve Cochran

See my other response. My WMIDs program (www.oehelp.com/WMIDs/) would let
you segregate the messages so that there can be different message stores.

There is no way to split the message store in WinMail though.


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