Max. size Windows Mail



I there any max. size for the Windows Mail?
Presently I have 1.4 GB and around 11000 files and 400 folders in my Windows
Mail and not surprising it's a little bit slow when starting. However it
works fine and fast. Could I continue forever let's in a couple of years
having 140 GB and 1000000 files and 10000 folders?
Don't know how Windows Mail uses memory RAM and sidefiles when opened. Is
that a limiting factor?
I'm using Vista 32 bit with 2 GB RAM.

Steve Cochran

The new database that WinMail uses is completely scalable up to many
terabytes, so you shouldn't have problems. My Windows Mail utility may be
useful to you though, as it will shrink the database down as low as
possible, enabling performance improvements.

I tested during the Vista beta with 130,000 messages in a single folder and
it worked well, although, as you find, there is some performance drop. Part
of that is inescapable as the database tables are not well laid out, but
rather are more like Excel spreadsheets with lots of redundancy. Clearly
the SQL server developers didn't work on WinMail. <G>


Sam Hobbs

I have over 1,700 contacts, most that I don't need. I need to trim then
down. I do notice that it takes a while for all the contacts to be accessed.

Sam Hobbs

Did you read the part that says "most that I don't need"?

Using OE, I had many contacts in subfolders, including an archive folder of
contacts I really should delete. Then came Windows Mail and they all got
combined into a big unmanageable mess. Windows Mail made me feel like the
Coyote in Road Runner cartoons.

I have not seen mention of a utility to help organize contacts, so I feel
like writing one. I of course know that Windows Mail won't deal with
subfolders and such, but I would move most to an archive folder somewhere
somehow anyway. I could do that with just Windows Explorer (that explores
files not windows) but I have not. I suppose I am afraid that the Road
Runner will mess it up again somehow.

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