Word Splitting a Word document and retaining hyperlinks

Mar 4, 2010
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The very brief version of the question: I have a single Word document that's approximately 1000 pages long. I need to split it into separate documents (based on headings) and yet retain the hyperlinks (i.e., the inter-document hyperlinks become intra-document hyperlinks) after the single document becomes a few hundred documents.

Excruciating details follow:

[font=&quot]I’m seeking assistance with a conversion process that begins with my originating application (an online help development tool) outputting a single Word document, nearly 1000 pages long. Throughout this single document are hyperlinks that link mostly to bookmarks (and possibly a few headings) throughout this same Word document. Due to limitations with this originating tool, I must output a single Word document in order to retain the vital hyperlinks.[/font]

I've found a few VB scripts that split Word documents, but in each case the process breaks the hyperlinks.

[font=&quot]Neither our work flow nor the destination application I’ll be using to read the Word documents can work with a single Word document. I therefore need to break this single document into separate documents, most likely based upon headers (e.g., begin a new document with each Heading 1) so that I end up with 500 or so separate Word documents, all in one directory. And the most important part is that these existing hyperlinks need to still be present and function properly (that is, each hyperlink still goes to the same destination, causing the appropriate document to open, if necessary, when I click on a hyperlink).


[font=&quot]Here are some restrictions/parameters:[/font]

[font=&quot]-I have no choice but to begin with a single document, as this is the only thing that I can get out of my source application and still have my hyperlinks.[/font]

[font=&quot]-I must break the document into separate word documents, as my work flow will not support using a single Word document[/font]

[font=&quot]- I only need to do this one time to this one Word document as part of the conversion process[/font]

[font=&quot]-I have a week or so to figure out how to do this, but the final process needs to be doable in about one day[/font]

[font=&quot]-whatever I do cannot depend on creating a Master Document, as the destination authoring tool that will use these Word document cannot use Word Master Documents.[/font]

[font=&quot]-How to break the document into parts isn’t the obstacle, as manually breaking the document into separate docs would be difficult, but I could do it if I had to. I'd obviously prefer to do this using an automated script. The biggest issue is that I cannot possibly re-create these hyperlinks manually. There are hundreds upon hundreds of them, so during this splitting process (whether manual or automated), I must ensure that the hyperlinks intact and function across the separate Word docs.[/font]

Thank you for reading this very long post and thank you in advance for any assistance you might offer.


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