Splitting a Video


Feb 14, 2010
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Hello all

I have been looking to store videos online.
I have found a site ADrive which claims to have 50GB of free storage available (to good to be true)!!
Has anyone had experience with this ADrive.

Also they say that the maximum upload size is 2GB although you could split the vodeo file into smaller chunks.
My videos are around 4GB and I have about 12 videos.
I have found software that can split the files.
Has anyone had experience with this and can recommend a particular software for splitting video files.
Oct 23, 2012
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hey tdc
you can use movie maker that is installed by default with windows
its good
but the best in my opinion is Camtasia, where you can split videos , change sounds of videos,,
basically you can modify anything within that video,, and adding water mark on your video, and exporting in higher quilty or lower one

i love Camtasia

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