Splitting a Database in Access 2007



I am working in a database with a very large amount of data and it will
continue to increase.

I have split the database for other users to access this dB.

When I open the database after it has been split, with no one else accessing
it, I get a .laccdb file and a _be.laccdb file.

Ok, I'm confused on why both appear but when another user tries to open this
same database at the same time I'm in it, they get an error basically saying
that they cannot find the path to the _be.laccdb file...it happens visa versa
so it doesn't matter who accesses it first, only that the 2nd person will get
the error.

Any suggestions?

Is this a sharing or permissions issue? I found in following in a Access
2007 book, when in working in properties and users, we do not get a 'Sharing'
tab in the properties box. But, under General, I have the full permission
and have checked the appropriate boxes for read and write permissions for all
of the users.

My "original" database posses no problem when more than one person is in it
but it does have obvious slow down because of the amount of data being added
to it daily. Show a .laccdb file once when it is open.

Help...Thank you Access guru!


Gina Whipp


I don't have the book so I cannot see what you are seeing but... Does
everyone have their own front end? Are their front ends installed on their
drive and the back-end on a shared drive? Is the database opening in shared
mode? Perhaps the below will help...



Gina Whipp

"I feel I have been denied critical, need to know, information!" - Tremors


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