Split Database on Nwtwork




Thank you for your time.

I have a split database used by 20-30 users. I have installed the FE on each
user's computer, the BE resides on the network.

I created some new tables and forms on the original database that is not
split. Then after the updates were completed I split and released the updated
database. I replaced the FE on each of users's computer and now I have been
getting reports from 2 users that they at times are not able to open the FE,
they get a pop up message error the reads " The Microsoft Jet database engine
cannot open the file'~sq_Switchboard'. Is is already opened exclusively by
another user, or you need permission to view its data."

I also have a form that runs off a query users are able to run to get
information and can modify the information presented on the form. It seems
that some times they are unable to modify the information and they get an
error " the search key is not available".

There is no security on the database, so I assume it would not be a user
permision error.

What are some other things I should be looking at or considering to fix
these problems?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


D. E. Martin

I Once had this same problem with the Database splitter, but that was because
where I hid the BE database some of the user didn't have Access to that. So
Of course I had a back up so I just started over again and I told the Network
Admin to give the other users access to that folder and everything was fine.
Hopefully this helps with you first problem.


Thanks Martin,

I will check with the Network Admin Group, but why would users be able to
access and make changes sometimes and not others.

I hope there is some more suggestions for my other problem.

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