Splitting database



I have a database on the K drive, but whenever more than one person wants to
use the file, I am prompted with a message that states that I do not have
exclusive access rights to the database and I can't save my changes. So I
have gleaned from other user questions about this that I need to split my
database to back-end and front-end. I have done this and placed my back-end
file in a network folder called Database. However, my front-end file which I
have moved to my computer's hard drive still contains the tables as well as
the application tools (forms, reports, etc.). I guess my next move would be
to delete the table data from the front-end application and then "link" it to
the tables on my network drive? If so, can someone help me get started, or
point me to a good resource to do this?


Clifford Bass

Hi Amin,

It is pretty simple. But before doing anything, make sure you have a
backup of both databases. In the front-end, delete all of the tables except
for the Switchboard Items table, if you have that one. (Others may differ
with me on that.) Also, in the back-end remove everything but the tables.
Then do the linking. If in Access 2007 go to the External Data ribbon and
choose the Access icon. Choose the Link to the data source... item. If in
Access 2003 or earlier, select the Tables objects and then click on the New
button. Choose Link Table. Follow the prompts the rest of the way through.
You are done. If you mess up, just restore from your backup copies and do it

Hope that helps,

Clifford Bass

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