Splitting database and refresh table links.



I have succeeded in splitting a database. (I am actually
working on a "test run copy" to insure that I am safe. My back-end contains
my tables and my front-end forms etc have "linked" icons preceding them.

Regarding the relinking code:

1. In my Access 2003 Inside-Out book it give Startup Code to Verify and
Correct Linked Table Connections (on p. 1206). Then it says: “The code begins
by attempting to open the lined ztblVersionTable. I have looked in the
back-end and Front-end and find no table with that name.â€
a. Does that mean I do not use that code or that that table is hidden?
b. If I should use the code (presuming that the table is hidden), it tells
me to open the modStartup Module. where and how do I find the modStartup
Module. (I am assuming it is in the front end.)
Thank you for any insight you can provide.


Larry Daugherty

Only those of us who have that particular book could follow along
exactly. I do not. However, my guess would be that you made a
miss-step following the directions *exactly* as far as copying objects
into your own application is concerned. I'd review and verify that
part first. If that doesn't flush out an error then I'd try copying
the sample application onto your hard drive and testing it. Then
split it and test again. If the sample set works then I'd try
re-importing the objects from it into your own application.



Hi, Larry.

Thank you for replying. Perhaps I did not make it clear enough. The focus of
my question was the presence or absence of the ztblVersionTable. I had
assumed that that was a table that was automatically created by the Split
Table Wizard and that perhaps it was a hidden table. I think that was not

I received a reply in another posting which was extraordinarily helpful. I
pass on the link in case it is of use to you at some point:


The db from JStreetTech should solve my problem with minimal effort.


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