tinkering with split databases



I have in production a frontend application originally built ACCESS 2000 with a split off backend.

I am using 2007 software and the database shows it is in 2000 format.

So I want to modify some tables and do so in a test environment.

I am trying to figure out how to do that.

I want to add new fields and change input edits for some fields in two tables in the backend.

If I copy the backend to a different file folder I could play around with the tables no problem.

But when I have to make corresponding changes to the frontend FORMS and REPORTS,
I get stuck on how to create a test environment on the frontend.

If I make a copy of the frontend I am confused about how to use link manager to link to the TEST backend.

It seems I cannot change "paths".

As an alternative, I suppose I could go inside the original backend and make copies of the production tables and name them TEMPCOPIESTABLES.

THEN I can tinker around with the production table and go to the frontend and make the FORM and REPORT changes. If I am not finished and suspend my tinkering, I suppose I could copy the tables I was tinkering on and call themTEMPFORLATERTABLES and then rename TEMPCOPIESTABLES back to the productionname.
Then I can do production work.

When ready to tinker again, I would have to rename files again....and back and forth and so on.

Is there a more efficient way ?

thanks in advance

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