Access Issue, Macro Single Step, Error 3270

May 23, 2017
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Hello All,

Even though I'm new to access, things were progressing well, but I've hit the wall with a few issues. I've inherited a split database with four pieces, a backend version, frontend version and two user versions in accde form. The users wanted some changes, so I needed to add a few forms, modify a few forms, add a table and come up with the queries for the changes. That work is complete and I was able to convert the new frontend accdb version to the user accde versions. Some of the users are able to open the database, but some of the users are getting a Macro Single Step message with the following information;

Macro Name: AutoExec
Action Name: RunCode
Error Number: 3270

There's also a message about the backend location not being a valid path, but of course it is.

I'm wondering what the differences would be between the users who are able to get in and those that aren't. I've added the location to their trusted sites and I've changed their macro settings with no success.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks, Bill

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