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Sep 28, 2016
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I'm trying to reference a subform's control from main form. I'm using (trying) a command button with macro to hide "Qty" control on subform (via SetProperty). I have not been able to solve the correct syntax. I'm clear that the subform is considered as a control itself. As a result I'm using syntax as such
Forms![Main forms name]![subforms control name].Form![Qty]

I've found several several answers (syntax) on the topic and tried numerous versions of all. Still no success. Just to simplify, (in macro) I only enter [subforms control name] . And subform becomes hidden (via ..Visibility , No).
As soon as I try to get to the subforms control (any of them), macro error appears. Something to the affect "names not recognized".
I've stried for success on different computers (w/ access 2013) and several different access files and forms. NO success. Any suggestions?

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