Access Combobox in Access Visible based on Checkbox

Jun 11, 2015
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Hi everyone,

I’ve searched the internet and am having a hard time finding a solution to my problem.

I created an Access 2010 database that has a main form with several subforms inserted into the “tab control” feature on the main form.

In one of that tabs that contain a subform, there is a checkbox that I would like to use to determine whether several combo boxes appear.

For my sample, below are the names of the fields:
The checkbox name is: “Is Relationship Setup On Site?”
Combobox name is: AD+D

Using one of the combo boxes as a test, I was able to find a trick to take it’s label and convert (change) it to a Textbox, and in the “control” property, I used the =IIF([Is Relationship Setup On Site?],”AD+D”,Null) and it worked perfectly. The label for the combo box will turn on and off as I go click happy with the checkbox.

When I try the same approach to the combo box field, it doesn’t work. If I add the same expression to the control property of the combo box, i.e. =IIF([Is Relationship Setup On Site?],[AD+D],Null) I get an “Invalid Control Property: Control Source” error.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

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