Access Access Open and Close a Timer Form running on an open database on another computer

Jun 23, 2014
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I know a backend database should only consist of tables but... I have a backend database that appends and truncates SQL tables in order to prioritize production orders. I reinitiate the set of queries every 3 minutes using a blank timer form. Since this form must always be open for the timer to work, I have the backend database and timer form always open on an under utilized PC.

Overall this setup is working well for me but there is a scenario where I would like to be able to close the timer form so that the tables are not updated every 3 minutes. Then I would like to be able to reopen the timer form. I would rather not have to train my users to remote desktop to the open database to close the form and then remote desktop to open the form.

Is there a way to give my users the ability to close/open a timer form running on an open database on a second computer?


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