splicing video cable?


William R. Watt

Has anyone spliced a the cable on a monitor? I'd like to know how to go
about it. The plug looks moulded on preventing a simple rewiring of the plug.
Looks like a different plug would have to be spliced on. Would the the colour
coding of the wires is on different makes of cable be identical?

I'm curious to know what the collar in front of the connector is for.
Does it reduce electrical interference or protect the video card from
spikes form a dying picture tube?

I have a 17" monitor with a short in the cable where it plugs into the
video card on the computer. I tried swaping a cable off a discarded monitor
but the conection at the monitor end is quite different. I opened up the
back of another monitor and the inbord connection on that monitor is
different still. One video cable has a single connector on the inboard end,
the others have two connectors plus a couple of ground wires.

thanks for any help with this. it's a nice monitor. self tests fine. was
working well. it's currently useless as the short in the cable is
preventing it from communicating with the computer. it just stays in self
test when hooked up. the vieo card in the computer is okay.


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