We have word 07 it does not find miss spelled words or grammar errors. We
checked word options and proofing all seems ok, went to review looked at set
language, it was set to english.

Do not know where else to check for a reason why word will not find spelling
or grammar errors.

I posted this to the Word spelling group did not receive a response.

Thnaks for any help


Did you Select All before verifying Language? If not you only checked the
spot at which the cursor was resting at the time :) Is it the *right*
variation of English - there are over a dozen? If that isn't the problem
have you determined whether it's the one document or is there a problem with
certain ones?... All?

Are these words that previously might have been marked to Ignore or added to
a custom dictionary? Have you tried clicking the Recheck Document button in
Word Options> Proofing?

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