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I upgraded to Office 2007 (English version). I do a lot of work in German,
so I had to previously buy 2003 proofing tools to get the German

The 2003 version won't install on top of 2007. I don't really want to go
through the hassle of trying to install Word 2003, then proofing tools, then
install Word 2007.

Is there some way of getting the German language tools with an English
version of Word 2007?

Thanks in advance for any insight or tips.



Graham Mayor

If you have the 2003 proofing tools, then they can be used with Word 2007,
provided you have some components of Office 2003 installed (you should be
able to do that with 2007 already installed) - see
http://www.gmayor.com/office_2003_proofing_tools.htm . Otherwise you will
need to purchase the German language pack for Office 2007.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

My web site www.gmayor.com

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